holy crazy parents

i am blogging about this tonight because it is something i am really having a problem letting go of. maybe it is because it just happened yesterday, who knows, hopefully if i type away about it it will be one step closer to leaving my mind…for good!

this here girl played her guts out over the weekend, her whole team did!  they were up against a very good, undefeated, strongsville team.  we had lost to this team twice before this year and these girls prepared and came in ready to win.  we out shot them, played better defense, our coaches out coached them as well, unfortunately our shots were not falling, not even the simple layups.  the game was back and forth all the way, always within 3 points. 

but here is where it gets dicey…grace here with 20 seconds left went to get the ball, the strongsville girl had it above her head and grace grabbed it from her and was holding on to it, holding on to it when the girl brought her arms and the ball down, with grace attached to it.  what resulted was graces arms getting tangled around the girl and grace going right over her, yes #tallgirlproblems. yes, it was clearly a foul, was grace trying to hurt this girl? absolutely not, was it flagrant? absolutely not, but understandably the ref had to call that.  

this is where ugliness comes in, ugliness of an a very ugly person, shouting very ugly comments to my 12 year old kid.  ugliness i am not going to sit and watch happen.  this crazed mom jumps up, pointing and screaming, that is flagrant, kick that girl out of the game! screaming it over and over, pointing at my kid, along with their other fans.  she is no steps down, along with her 4’2″ little man complex ugly husband shouting at my kid. so our fans start shouting for her to sit down.  parents were saying ‘she wouldn’t hurt anyone, it was a foul, that is the end of it. i am looking at grace, who is just sitting on the court, dazed watching this lady point and scream at her, not moving, just sitting. eventually she did get up, help the girl up and ask her if she was ok. which she replied yes. this woman is still going nutty, and i then tell her to shut it, calm down, she didn’t do it on purpose.  the freak turns screams at me ‘fuck off, she needs to be kicked out of the gym!’ really?! i have a 3 year old on my lap, you are screaming ‘fuck you’ across the gym but you want a 12 year old to be kicked out of the gym? i tell her ‘shut up, and your ugly husband too,’ give them the finger and say ‘bite me’. ok maybe not the best thing to say, but again mae mae was on my lap so i could say what i really wanted to.  

short stuff continues to scream, standing on the bleachers and i am pretty sure he still has not broken 4’5″. lanky wife by his side in her royal blue running tights and kelly green long sleeve tee…note to self, those colors should never be on the same frame at the same time, especially with your ugly mug coming through the neck hole of the shirt. and really running tights? it was -15 out, were you really running? by this time the coach, todd, pulls grace out of the game, after the official walked her away from crazy land to get her away from these people. 

long and the short, this woman was out of control bat shit crazy. i fully understand being upset your daughter got fouled, totally get it. but screaming at a kid who is just playing the game and trying to win, shouting fuck you across a gym, lady you got issues and so does your family. 

this bothered me so much last night and today. but now i am to a point, i have to let it go. i don’t know why i am so bothered by this, but still thinking about it, playing it over in my mind is not serving me any good, or my kiddo.  

we lost the game, which i was totally fine with, yes the loss stunk, but grace played her butt off and i have that to be super proud of.  

end and over…until i see that ugly mug at the target. it may come up again then. 

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