oh hey friday…crock pot?

what a crazy busy week, I’m ready for friday and to sit down and read all the oh hey friday link ups! here we go… 

you write up 5 things, anything! link it up with September Farm and The Farmers Wife and that’s it.

1 – crock pot challenge – first off is crop pot one or two words? crockpot crock pot? spell check recognizes both and on the actual crock pot it is Crock . Pot oh well i digress…
yep, you are being challenge by a crock pot, ok not really…but kind of.  this is a free group i am putting together here are the details:

  • 5 days starting this tuesday the 20th and goes through saturday the 24th
  • clean eating 
  • a private facebook group so it is interactive and fun
  • interactive is key, i want to know what you think about the recipes and the clean eating
  • i provide a grocery list
  • i provide the menu and recipes
  • you can make substations if needed
you get in by messaging me, that is it! it is just free just send me an email to simonbob15@yahoo.com
if you are not on fb that is fine, i can email you everything over the 5 days.
i can’t guarantee you will like every bite of food, i can’t guarantee you will lose weight, i can’t guarantee you will prepare and be ready…
i can guarantee if you follow the clean eating for the 5 days you will feel good, i can guarantee if you do prepare you will not have to be wondering what you are going to eat all week next week and i can guarantee i will do whatever it takes to help you along the way. 
so give it a go! 

2 – i want to go back here…like now. this was back in june and i never posted all of the fun but man do i want to go back and stat.  not just the cruise and all the amazingness of it, although that was just the bomb, but just the fun time we had together that really was the best part, as cheesy as it sounds. 

thats right, i prepped our outfits in advanced. i may or may not have had a spreadsheet and tagged clothes for each day
our waiters were awesome, i know everyone says that but they were the best! 
they went on a frozen date…love! jake had never seen frozen, really? who hasn’t seen frozen! 
she slept…hard and those corn rows were the best with her cra cra hair!
two of the cutest people ever! look at that water in the background! 
characters are the best! 
she danced hard too! 
dinner decisions, mac n cheese or chicken
the snorkeler cracks me up

these horns are loud, but awesome!


dance! every night before and after dinner! 
or just runs round
he loves this hat, still
the big guy!
reaction to seeing the big guy! 
beach baby
beach baby after too many beach drinks
pirate antics
we finished the castaway cay 5k
3 – speaking of vacation we went on our first one with no kids this summer and boy was that fun! we stayed in a little shack, and I’m not kidding when i say shack, on captive island with our best pals. holy fun and relaxing! i highly recommend the captive island inn, that is if you like not the fancy, no chocolates on your bed and newts kind of place. 

we planked on a paddle board
we hung out in a parking lot at night and drank from our room and listened to the live music from the bars. 
these two crazy kids taxi’d us around
photo bomb
beach hair!!!
they have beach hair too! 

4 – i apparently need a vacation, so we are off to our favorite hilton head island rental in may. yahoo!!! I’m so excited. we love this house and just hang out at the beach and the pool for a full week.  good good times. 

awe…when there was only three
there was not one good pic of this! 
man is he cute 
then 4 was on the way
we always go watch the sun come up and eat doughnuts one morning
4th one is here!!
grace had an injury
gma and gpa came too
building beach chairs
aunt laura came too
mae mae loves cookie monster ice cream 

5 – im not certain how this turned into a way too long vacation post, with a zillion pictures but boy that was fun…for me. 

so I’m off to do my insanity max:30 

so I’m ready for this years trip…
link up!!

One thought on “oh hey friday…crock pot?

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  1. WOW, I love my crockpot and can't wait to try some new recipes this winter.

    That's so awesome you did the Disney cruise. My husband and I did an Alaskan cruise with my family last summer and saw the Disney ship in multiple ports. It looked like an amazing ship and we thing when we have kids we will try it one day.

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! GO BUCKS!


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