clean eating

did you start this new year eating cleaner and wanting to lose a little weight? boy do i have 2 goodies for you. 
first this amazingness…

i posted a bit back about my obsession with cauliflower rice, well that obsession is still going strong. so now i am finding new ways to use it. i am now substituting it for brown rice or quinoa.  i made this yumminess tonight. it all started with a produce co-op i joined. it is fresh new produce every tuesday, but mostly it makes me use vegetable i would have not bought. i don’t have a choice, i get what i get and i have to say it has been a win. i guess last weeks plethora of onions was a little weird, but overall #winning. 
i roasted a butternut squash, you know…peeled it, scooped out the guts, cubed it up then roasted in the oven with some evoo and salt and pepper.
cooked up some ground turkey.
made the big old batch of cauliflower rice, used some for this recipe and the rest for something else i will come up with this week.
mixed all this goodness together and added some kale, which cooked in beautifully and presto…clean, yummy meal.  even kids ate it and processed food loving todd!


second would you place a wage on your weight loss? 
some people are way more accountable when they are working towards cash. it seems to jump start accountability. that is exactly what happened in this case. 
i have started a challenge on diet bet…the simonbob challenge, it is open to anyone so the more the merrier or should i say the more the pot. 
basically it goes like this:

you put up a $30 bet on diet bet through the simonbob challenge
you lose 4% of your bodyweight over 4 weeks
when you do, everyone who meets the challenge splits the pot!
again win! 
diet bet runs the whole thing, you weigh in via the site. after you register you will receive an email with instructions and a secret word to use during your weigh in.  you will have to upload some pictures as well, so be sure to get registered so you have time to get your pics in. 

now, now, now…i realize it isn’t about the scale. it is about getting health, fit and strong. but a little friendly competition never hurt and if you are looking to drop some pounds, this is another great way to hold you accountable.  
so go…go here and put a wager on your weight loss! 

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