oh hey friday – it is a new year!

it is a new year, so nothing like a new oh hey friday badge from karli and amy…love it!!

1 most people are posting about new resolutions about this time of year.  how about consider a #REALsolution?  i have a group forming for just that, setting some health and fitness goals and crushing them.  it is a free group, and it is kicked off so i would love for you to jump in on the action.  message me, simonbob15@yahoo.com and lets get you going, that is if you have already have not. 😉

2 how about them buckeyes? enough said…

3 i love ringing in the new year by staying home with these pals.  we eat a bunch of not good for you food, play just dance, play nba2k, which dick clark’s rocking eve and flip to the other specials, dance some more and bust out the poppers and champagne, and sparkling cider, at midnight.  it is one of my favorites, and i love it!! 


4 due to the unfortunate shipping details of the usps, my kids teacher gifts didn’t get here in time for them to take them on the last day of school.  seriously, it is a whole new post about how rude my not so friendly post office was to me about this.  in a day where the post office is not doing so well, you would think they would focus on customer service or how about just being polite.  crabby…you chose your job, don’t spread your unhappiness!  
my kiddos will be heading back to school with gifts for their teachers and boy are they cute!  check out these cute coffee sleeves made by the talented korynne’s kozy knits alex was just so easy and great to work with.  she very quickly whipped me up 10 of these cute cup sleeves and i added a cute starbucks gift card and that is one cute gift.

if you are in need of any cute gift ideas, check out her etsy shop. 

5 i have filled in my planner for 2015 and it thrills me! I won this gem from Al of Life’s Little Adventures and i can’t wait to get started with it.  i had such joy filling in the dates! i know, I’m a dork, it is those little things that thrill me!

look at that… hook up with the good life blog too!

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  1. Ohhh!! You are going to LOVE your agenda! I have the same one and I can't get enough of it! 🙂 Seriously, you will love it!

    Thanks for stopping by our link-up! I hope you will stop by again next week for the Saturday Spotlight!:)


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