the secret

have you read this book? 

it was a game changer for me and i spent the second half of 2014 working to implement the wisdom from the book, but i realized you cannot try to do these things, they have to come from within. i tried hard to work each day to ensure i was following the principles from the secret, but if they are forced, they are not successful because you really are not changing the way you feel and what you are putting out there, it has to come.

that happens over time
i bought the secret as gifts this year, one of those gifts was for me, i need gifts…right? 
i bought myself the daily teachings and each day i will be reviewing the daily teaching each day in my quiet moment(s) in the morning.
i am hopeful this will be a reminder to me to live life

when i was little my mom had these little pamphlet/book things called the daily word. do you remember those? i thought she was so weird because she had this by her bed, dork! 

this is the new daily word and i am sure grace is thinking the same thing about me! 

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