tip toe, baby steps or big leap!

just take that step
don’t make it a resolution, make it a new way for you! i love a fresh start, including
new months
new years
fresh white walls
clean laundry
anything that is renewed

so how about starting your renewal with me?! your new year!! i have accountability groups forming for all three of these workouts and i would love to work with you! 

you get me, me as your free coach! i will work with you so you are held accountable and engaged in your workouts.  we will set your goals together and ensure you obtain them. you do have to commit, you do have to be ready to work, but you want to do that work, because at the end you will be so glad you did and you will have picked up some great habits along the way. and maybe even let go a bad habit or two. 

what is holding you back? 
are you ready to commit to you? it is less than 2% of your day, take that step,  for yourself! you will not regret it. 
message me at simonbob15@yahoo.com and just say tell me the details. 

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