healthy eats

i am really trying here, i really want to stay on a clean eating path as much as i can trig to be realistic that i am going to fall off during holiday gatherings.  so i am sticking to my 80/20 rule, eat clean 80% of time knowing i may not so well 20%. also hoping the 20% isn’t a whole bowl of cheese dip, trying to be good here.

anyway i have come across two new favorites and they arrived right in time for the produce co-op joined with my best running pal. last week we got brussle sprouts and i got this great way to make them from my friend tealla. 
how easy and yummy is this.
wash and clean up the sprouts, meaning cut the ends off and slice in half.
lay them out on a foil lined cookie sheet
drizzle with evoo
sprinkle with salt
cook for about 25 minutes on 400 dregrees.

yum, todd actually ate 3/4 of the pan of these, this is the guy who has a monster for breakfast and a bag of chips for lunch. oh and he also warms up for basketball games by drinking a ‘few’ bud lights. baby steps to health for him.

ok on to my most amazing healthy eats kick. keep in mind i am a creature of habit. i can make something and eat it for about a month each day, i don’t need variety and this is my new one. egg bakes were the last one, see that post here. 
cauliflower rice, holy the bomb!!!
chop up your cauliflower into small pieces and then throw it in your vita mix, if you don’t have a vita mix then message me so i can tell you how you can get one at a big old savings and free shipping. for now, until you get your vita mix you can use your food processor.  chop those pieces into small, rice size pieces. use the low setting and keep it slow. get your frying pan ready and add some coconut oil to the pan and get that nice and melty, then dump your small, rice size cauliflower pieces in there and stir fry it up! i add some lemon if i have it, also some salt, you could pretty much add anything here, how about an egg to make it like friend rice, yum!  i get that nice and sautéed up to where the piece are getting tender.  they are small pieces, but while you are cooking you will notice that there may be some larger ones in there the food processor missed, don’t fret, just pull those larger pieces out. when you have nice tender cauliflower rice it is done! i make a whole bunch and use it all week. i add some chicken to it along with a diced up avocado amazing!!! but think of all the things you can spice it up with! you have less carbs and more veggies and it really tastes good. 
i am so thrilled the produce co-op had cauliflower this week and i even did a trade for an extra head, i am thrilled! 
lunch tomorrow
dinner tomorrow
lunch the rest of the week. 

try this, i promise, it is good stuff! message me or comment if you have any questions or comments! 

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