healthy holiday

wow! im blown away by the number of people who want to get healthy, now!  how great is it to know that you have holiday events all in front of you but committing to shakeology through the holidays is a good choice in a super food, daily dense dose of vitamins each day in a meal replacement shake.  making the decision to work out through the holidays will ensure you start off 2015 on the right path. 

i have samples available 5/$20 and offer free shipping to you to get started on this healthy changing meal replacement shake. message me to select your flavors!

additional, my first challenge group is forming for 2014

ShaunT brings it again, and this time is catered to the modifier

There are several modifiers for this program! Modifying is the best way to get results. You are still focusing on form, you may be beginning your fitness journey, you may have a different range of motion, you may just need to modify that day! Modifying is not a bad thing, it is the smart thing!
Are you ready to Max Out with me? 

Check out this video all about Insanity Max 30 and message me for info on my challenge group. 

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