oh hey friday!

back at it, from the craziness of last week. it is my favorite holiday and i love the whole 5 days off but i need to get back to some structure in my life!
so first up, oh hey friday

what do you think of the new badge, that Karli, she is a talent that farm girl! 
here is the deal
you write up 5 things, anything! link it up with September Farm and The Farmers Wife and that’s it. 

1  turkey bowl
this is my favorite part about the holiday. we used to travel to play in this game with some family/friends but then we just wanted to stay home, so basically it was just us in the turkey bowl. 

look at my lil girl, where did she go?
and the boy i want that little guy back! 
 but the game grew last year when the family/friends decided our yard was a great football field. 
snow doesn’t stop the turkey bowl

give this girl a clip board and a whistle, nothing but trouble!

and this isn’t everyone! 2013
this year there was less snow, less people but just as much fun!
she got her whistle taken away this year! 
and she is just in it for the doughnuts! 

and not turkey bowl related, but still a turkey, this girl stayed in her jammies all darn day. she is an indian in case you couldn’t figure it out. 
2  right after the turkey bowl and stuffing our face with a thanksgiving feast, it leads me right into my favorite day of the year. black friday with my favorite shopping girls. this is our 7th year together with my bff and my bff mom. we don’t do that thursday shopping, that is annoying. gone are the days of waiting around the building of toys r us, or sprinting into the target for a tv, but we still have some good fun.  it always bums me out when we come out of the store and the suns coming up, because day has broken and our day goes quick. now we pretty much go into the evening. 
this year we added a virgin, a black friday virgin, aunt sue. she fit right in, talked a bit much, but all good. 
what do you think of my sweatshirt in this pic? i bought it at target and changed my shirt right in the parking lot. i realized i stunk while in target, due to a cleaning incident in our house on wednesday…darn self cleaning oven, but for another post. 
our first stop…target, they really need to bring this girl back. that was the best campaign. 
we may have had to break down a maniquin while at Dicks, just saying, the dude had the size on i needed and there wasn’t one on the rack. after we had our way with him, the shirt was too small. we left him naked and alone, i kind of felt bad. #vulnerable
we always stop for a good breakfast, by good i mean bob evan or lenny’s we did go to goldies one year! anyway, it was Denny’s this year, bob’s was packed! we just like to say ‘moons over my hammy’ that is all. we have never actually ordered it, just like to say it to the server, cracks me up every time. i warned you, it is the funnest day of the year! 
we ventured out to crocker, i told you that aunt sue is a nutty one! she made us go, wouldn’t shut up about it. kidding…she is a quite kind of gal, we love her. 
thats right, we are in a snow globe, crazy girls we are i tell you. 
and we ended the day with a volcano (or 2). how can you beat that! check out aunt sue in the background, i told you, she is a nut! 
seriously, i love this day. I’m already ready for next year. 
3  paleo, im considering this? what are your thoughts? pro/cons? any tips? please comment them here. 
4  sample sale!  make this your healthiest holiday by getting a five day sample pack. why shakeology?
who doesn’t need more energy this time of year!
why wait until jan 1st to get fit and healthy?
ensure you get 1 super food meal a day! 
fight those cravings before you head out to the holiday party!
because it is good for you and we all need that! 
try it for 5 days, and you will feel the difference. replace one meal a day with this super food packed meal replacement shake. only good comes from it. message me at simonbob15@yahoo.com
5  hot chocolate run
did i tell you how fun this was? whenever i am with my best running pal, it is the best time and this one was right up there. we spent a great 24 hours in columbus doing fun fun things, but our mission was to bang out 9 miles in the 20 degree weather, and we did just that, successfully i might add. 
pre race, it was super cold! 
post race and we are super happy!!

at the end you go and get a big old cup with chocolate fondue and some hot chocolate, we passed on the fondue but that hot chocolate…good stuff. 
a great run, i highly suggest it if it comes to your area. 
so go link up! post your comments here so i can read your oh hey friday post too! 

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