pre thanksgiving oh hey friday!

here we go…it is the pre thanksgiving oh hey friday. I’m not sure if you are aware but thanksgiving is my most favorite holiday. what a better way to spend my day than playing some turkey bowl, eating mounds of carb and not leaving my house. then comes my second favorite part black friday with my best black friday girls.  stay tuned, the recap of all that goodness will be next friday.

now for this friday…
here are the details.
you write up 5 things, anything! link it up with September Farm and The Farmers Wife and that’s it. 


1 holiday cash, that is right cash.  over the years from my first real job at my dads company, through my bartender days and up until now even at my current job that i love and am grateful everyday for, i have held some sort of job to provide me additional income.  all for good reasons that fit my need at the time. 

i sold longaberger baskets, not because i had a passion for baskets, but i liked them and the dishes and it fueled my habit of buying baskets to fill my first home i had bought.  i never made a huge income, but it was fun and i met lots of friends that had the same basket fever and that was fun. 

i sold mary kay, not because i had a passion for make up, but i liked the skin care stuff and i had some friends that did too, so i figured what the heck.  i still have a bin of mary kay products in the basement and i am sure i took a loss there.

i don’t sell beach body product, i have a passion for helping people get fit and healthy using beachbody home workout programs and drinking shakeology. i love to see people work to get results and do it on their own.  to hear the results from my challengers thrills me, results like this:

  • 2 more inches (17 total), and 10 lbs.  I haven’t been this weight in probably 2 years (or more).  I almost don’t recognize myself (my body profile mostly) in the mirror.  It doesn’t look like me!  But in a good way!  
  • I weighed yesterday and I’ve lost 13.2 lbs. I finally measured. 9 inches all together!! 3 inches off my waist alone, Yah Me!!
  • Total synergistically DONE and I fit into a pair of pants I couldn’t wear a month ago. Whoop whoop!
with helping people comes income. it is an added bonus and it is not because i am selling something. i am not, i am sharing something, something that really works.  people are ready to make the commitment to get healthy and fit, to increase their confidence, to make that time for themself, to be a better mom, friends, spouse, partner because that is one of the main things i hear as feedback is how committing to health and fitness changes you from the inside out. 
now don’t get me wrong, i like the income too. beachbody is generous with their direct marketing program and they do most of the work for you.  many people got into the beachbody business just for the six figure income and the fitness came second. but they have all came back to say it didn’t become a big business for them until they realized they were not selling something.  this black friday i will head out shopping with my beachbody income. lets call it a christmas club, you have all heard of that right? my christmas club was deposited into my account each week and i loved watching it stack up. 
could you use an extra $200 per month or week? for me, i have four kids all in activities, it pays for that. it supports my love for shakeology and it pays for that each month at the minimum. I’m thankful for beachbody and the positive effect it has had on me. 
currently i have a look into it group forming. do you want to get a glimpse into what beachbody is all about? the group is a private online group where you can view information about what the beachbody opportunity can do for you.
are you ready to start making a commitment to health and fitness?
do you want to earn income to just pay one bill per month?
do you have student loan debt that needs to go away? 
do you want to gain confidence?
be more secure in your own skin? 
work out because you love your body and want to treat it right? 
message me, i would love to hear your why.

2 speaking of fitness, passion and all the good that comes with it. last night was a bliss filled night at the Q for the 6th Believe in CLE event. that is right, on the hardwood floor of the Q, right in the middle of the key where klove and the rest of the boys, including lebron, come crashing through. 

i had one of the most blissful yoga practices on the floor of the cleveland cavs, over 600 yogis packed in for a vinyasa style flow. it was great, there was energy, comradery and just all around greatness. 

this was my little section of floor!! 

the music was pumping and helping you move through your flow as it boomed through the arena. after a long savasana came a beautiful chanting ending with the wine and gold confetti falling from the ceiling.  i was thrilled, just thrilled to be a part of it and to practice on the floor where the energy of the cavs is generated! 

i just love what my yoga practice has opened my eyes, my mind and my heart up to. all.good.stuff.

3. have i ever introduced you to chewy.

she is our crazy beast dog. she is amazing. she can be ferocious beast, a boys best friend, a snuggly sleeper and a high jumper.  she spends her days sleeping in mae ma’s bed and chasing all delivery vehicles down the street. she is also amazing because she knows all the cars that belong on our street.  if a car goes by that is not one that is usually seen on our street, she will chase it all the way down the length of our yard as it is going down the street, and 9 times out of 10 she beats the car.

did i mention she is fast? 
and she can jump?

and she doesn’t like boys?
or people that wear hats or hoods? 
i don’t recommend just walking up if you are or have either of the two.  
but what she does do, she watches the kids run and play all day through the yard. she watches them run across the street and back, all of them all day long. she knows where they are at all times and won’t rest until they are all where they are supposed to be. 
chewy is a good good dog, misunderstood by some, but a good dog with unwavering love for our family. 

4  i think i mentioned it last week, but really people, it is taking over my life. and just thinking about it stresses me out, and i get crabby, and i have to go in the hot tub, then have to drink a bottle of cheap red wine.
do you see where i am going here? 
basketball/volleyball season.

i starts tomorrow, well it has already started but tomorrow is the first basketball tournament.  
now i know kids sports are out of control, or maybe i am just out of control, but it stresses me out and i spend me weekends feeling nervous and dragging my other three kids to gyms and fill them with snacks and they color or just run around the gym like wild animals. 
either way it is starting so i am going to embrace it. i am gong to do my best not to yell remarks that are not positive, only positivity is going to come out of me, that is all, positivity.  i have stated this publicly, so please friends, help hold me accountable. positive point, these are just great groups of girls! 

5 last but not least, this little gem from the summer. my babes all stuffed in the car on some clark w griswold family outing.  i cherish these moments with them. 

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