it is friday…again

not that i am complaining, i love me a friday, but this one hasn’t been so productive. i take that back, i have gotten a few things done, just not what i expected. 

here are the details:
well look at that, it is friday and i am posting oh hey friday instead of my last second submit saturday morning. ahh the life of a full time work and mom. 
here are the details:
you write up 5 things, anything! link it up with September Farm and The Farmers Wife and that’s it.  


1 whole food eating
yep, i have stayed on point all week. i am amazed with myself. i am also proud to say that i am about the only person i know that can gain weight eating healthy. why you ask? (ok I’m sure you don’t really ask, but i want to tell you) because i over eat. it is a problem but the good news is i am over eating good all whole foods. next weeks goal, try not to over eat on whole foods. 
this is what saved me this week, these egg bakes. they are nothing new but boy are they good. 
i started with a muffin pan
added some spinach 
added some chopped up peppers
poured some egg whites up to the top
added salt n pepper (here)
baked in the oven at 350 for 22 minutes, yes 22 because after 20 they needed a little more. 
i pop three in my lunch each day. 
yum yum yum

2 hot chocolate run
this seems odd, the weekend i am sticking to my whole food eating i am also running the hot chocolate run. yep, i will be forgoing the chocolate fondu at the end along with the piping hot chocolate i am guessing you get when you cross the finish line. that is all good, i am just happy to run with my best running pal. 

3 winter running
winter running you ask? (again, you didn’t ask, but i am telling you) although it is the fall here, we got a good 3-4 inches of snow last night. nothing makes me happier, note my sarcasm  there is not much about snow that thrills me. so tonight i am going to try to bust out some cold weather running gear to help get me through this insanity of running 9 miles in the balmy high of 28 degree weather.

4 thundersnow
have you ever heard of such a thing? i had not, until last night when i experienced it first hand. i was working diligently on my puzzle (a whole other post im a puzzle junkie) when i saw a flash outside, then along came the loudest, longest thunder i had ever heard.  grace and i thought something was landing in the backyard or are fun loving neighbor had set off another bomb in the backyard, (true story). it was cray, the joy of ohio living. no worries, it will be sunny and 80 by next weekend. 

2 clean eating group
so this experience combined with my clean eating group prompted me to start a group to share recipes and tips on clean eating.  it is just a private Facebook group, but it is fun and helpful.  would you like to join? i would love to add you and have some blog friends join us on the clean eating attempt. message me at with clean eating n the subject.  *disclaimer, you don’t have to eat clean all the time or any of the time to be in the group, it is just there to help and encourage others along. 

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