oh hey friday!

well look at that, it is friday and i am posting oh hey friday instead of my last second submit saturday morning. ahh the life of a full time work and mom. 
here are the details:
you write up 5 things, anything! link it up with September Farm and The Farmers Wife and that’s it.  



1 – sample sale 
thank you to the farmer’s wife amy for this awesome review of shakeology i am offering samples 5/$20 so you too can try out the major benefits of shakeology.  check out her post here and message me at simonbob15@yahoo.com to get yours. 🙂 

2 – clean eating…it is happening around here for the next 21 days.  i am thrilled and so are my peeps, aka my immediate family, ok so maybe they all don’t know but the ones over 12 are thrilled. i am also going to get my yoga on too, that thrills me too. 

3 – yoga, speaking of yoga, i posted previously about how i just wrapped up 30 days of yoga, and that was just amazing. up next is the experience. 21 days of practicing and nourishing your body with whole foods. basically try to eat in in its natural state or if you cannot pronounce it and it has more than 5 ingredients, don’t eat it. that will be great right before the turkey bowl. 

4 – speaking of the turkey bowl, it is just about my favorite day of the year. we gather at our house on thanksgiving morning for the most fierce game of flag football yet.  what started out as 4 people has now moved into a 50+ person event and this year more are expected. i am going to really plan ahead this year, be prepared with food. lets see how that goes.  

5 – which leads me to feedback…I’m curious, do you play in a turkey bowl? if so how does it work for your group? please let me know! 

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