oh hey friday!

the details:
here is the deal, you write up 5 things, anything! link it up with September Farm and The Farmers Wife and that’s it.  happy weekend! 


1- halloween is today, which is super fun but we do not trick or treat until tomorrow.  in my parts they put the holiday on hold until tomorrow night for the high school football game tonight.  so our fun is tomorrow.  the kids are carving pumpkins tonight, i stay out of that job, here is a favorite pic from pumpkin carving past 

2- last night was a big night in our house, the cavs opener and lebron coming home. i have to be honest here on oh hey friday i sobbed during the whole pre game and if you are from the area and can get through this video without crying, well, then, i am not sure you have a heart. cleveland on three.

3 – speaking of that, this is one of my new favorite songs. i wanted beats last year, but this year, yep again!

4 – and with all this basketball hype lets not forget the 6th grade girls practice season has started.  the team is back together and ready to get back to work. beats nor nike is calling yet to make commercials, but i feel it, they may be coming after these girls get started in the lake erie league. 
5 – last but not least…all this candy sting, basketball watching with chips must come to an end. I’m ready to jump in for a free 5 day clean eating starting this monday.  yep, it is free, i send you the grocery list and menu, you feel great after 5 days of detoxing that sugar away.  i would love to add you. message me at simonbob15@yahoo.com   for clean eating fun! 

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