chocolate, strawberry, vanilla…

or even greenberry, yum! 
chocolate is my favorite, add some pb2 and you have yourself a reese peanut butter cup packing you full of over 75 super foods and you daily, dense, dose of nutrition.  that is my kind of goodness! 

shakeology is a daily dense dose of nutrition of over 75 super foods that your body would never get with just a regular clean eating diet.  not only is it packing you full of those super foods, it will give you more energy, reduce cravings and your body will start to crave shakeology more because it will crave those super foods.  after drinking it for 3-5 days you will feel the difference. it is a meal replacement, so you replace one meal a day with it, whatever is most convenient for you. i have mine for breakfast each day, then i know i have started my day off right.  it comes out to about $4 per day for shakeology, so that is about what you would have spent on the meal.


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