oh hey friday!

the details:
here is the deal, you write up 5 things, anything! link it up with September Farm and The Farmers Wife and that’s it.  happy weekend! 


i am currently, as in right now, attempting to make cake pops.  i am not very hopeful on them being birthday party worthy tomorrow, but i figure i have to start somewhere.  i don’t have a picture to share, but i will after, but this is how i am envisioning them in my head but orange and white instead of pink.  

i am 17 days in to the 30 day yoga challenge and i love it.  today while the sweat was literally pouring off my head in a plank, i wondered to myself how i could possibly sweat that much.  it is beyond my comprehension how there is that much sweat in my body.  it is weird, and i realize i am pretty weird here typing about it but it is always on my mind after a hot powerful flow class. 
this is jesse elizabeth simon
she just came downstairs and informed she doesn’t like her name, i love her name, i named her that because i love her name.  she wants her name to be emily simon.  i am a little offended she doesn’t like the name i gave her. 

how do you clean your oven? i did something terrible last week, like attempted to cook something using the broiler and since then my oven stinks, like each time i turn it on and then the food tastes like the stink.  any tips on how to clean an oven? 

last but not least, a plug for my community challenge. i am still adding a few more people and would love to have some bloggers jump in!  you can find out all the details here

happy weekend!! seriously let me know about how to clean the oven, would love to tackle that this weekend.

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