last but not least

this girl, the one who made me a mom for the first time.  i just love her, 
her talking back sass
her mood swings
her sarcastic comments, i have no cue where she gets them from
her funny self

this girl hangs out with me and watches house hunters, so fun! i gotta say it is the highlight of my week when she lays in bed with me and we watch shows.  she is a beast and i wonder what happen to my sweet little baby, oh wait, she was never little! 

i am always the first to say that i hate the fact my kids are getting older, i love those baby years.  but i do love how this girl is growing up, and i am kind of liking the middle school years, so far.  i like the conversations we have and the funny stories she shares with me. i like her figuring things out on her own and just as equally seeing disappointment in her life.  

i am grateful that this girl is paving the way for her siblings.  she has opened my eyes to so many experiences we have learned about together.  i am lucky to be this girls mom. 


 I’m pretty certain she is probably debating why she should have an iPhone in this picture. she may have a good argument, but it is not going to happen. 

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