the boy

first, don’t judge me on my blogging frequency or lack there of.  if you want to judge me do so because i just sat down to write this post with a spoon and a half gallon of moose tracks ice cream. fyi i poured chocolate syrup right over it in the container. why dirty a bowl, right?
tomorrow is beta for t25, so i am on a splurge…

back to the family picture sessions. this boy…

secretly, just because my kids don’t read this, he is my favorite. i know, i know, everyone says they do not have a favorite, that is just because they don’t want to say they do. he is mine. 
i think it is because he is my only boy, he just has his way.  he has always had his way since the minute i laid eyes on him and he pooped right on that dr. nice lady, i felt bad. 

he is 9… i mean 10, going through that awkward stage but the past 2 years have been big for him.  he has grown and stepped up in so many ways that makes my heart full.  don’t get me wrong, we all have improvements and are a work in progress, the best about him is that he does it his own way, and that is the best way.
one naysayer told me this kid didn’t have any potential, his loss, this kid is full of 100% potential and awesomeness.  it is just beginning to shine.

 and he has three sisters, if any boy can put up with that, he is destined to have skills.

i love this boy.
im just kidding about the favorite, please don’t send me hate mail.
i really wish someone would come up with a font called sarcastic, so i can use it when i am being just that, which is about 95% of the time. 
happy sunday evening. 

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