Jesse 6 going on 16…

part 2 of the family pictures.
today is J, my sassy, smart, sweet when she is sleeping gal.  this girl keeps me on my toes, like keeps my patience in check. when i loose it, she has pushed me over the edge with what she wants to wear.  if she had her way she would be in sparkles, glimmer, tank tops and shorty shorts every day. and her hair…i can’t even go into it, every single day her hair is a battle. i try and i try to get her to embrace the curls, each day she stands in front of the mirror brushing her hair straight down. each morning she has me flat iron her hair, so you say why do you do it?  the battle is just not worth it!
my j bird is her own girl and that is the best part about her. 

 she loves her sister, and is so good with her. i just love seeing that sister bond formed.  grace and wyatt always have always been pals, and jesse is usually left out of that mix. j and mae have that sister bond and i just love watching  them together and building that sister bond. 🙂  
so again, i need to pick one of my sweet girls face for her frame on the gallery wall.  what do you think? 

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