oh hey friday

ok so you may be a bit confused because i am posting about oh hey friday and it is saturday, and maybe i did that last week too, but oh hey friday on saturday is so cool.  here we go…
the details:
here is the deal, you write up 5 things, anything! link it up with September Farm and The Farmers Wife and that’s it.  happy weekend! and how cute is Karli…change up the oh hey friday colors for fall…love!

here we go!
1 this boy turned 10…what?!?! (cue tears, my tears)  i realize to you, this looks like a picture of any old fresh new baby right out of the shoot, but you are mistaken i am sorry to tell you.  

this here is a picture of the most amazing, kind hearted, intense, sweet, lovable, mess of cuteness, funny, charming, dashingly handsome, smart bundle of boy. 
his day was thursday, I’m not sure if you heard ashton kutcher and his beautiful girl had a baby that same day and named her wyatt! what? her? love it!!!
we celebrated with a cookie cake at his request, and his favorite dinner of mine craft mac n cheese, which means in our terms, bad for you but tastes amazing, blue box mac n cheese with microwaved hot dogs mixed in there.  it is mine craft because you ‘mine’ for your hot dog pieces.  nothing but the best around here! 
he also got what he has been waiting for the Marvel Disney Infinity 2.0 he is thrilled!  it is good to be 10, double digits, never to be single digits again, seriously put a blanket over me as i lay in the corner crying. 
2  community challenge…i think you should join me for it.  get strong, get fit, get healthy, loose some inches along the way but most importantly take 30 minutes out of your day for your well being!!!  it is worth it and the results will be amazing. message me, i want to share the details with you. simonbob15@yahoo.com 
3 speaking of well being i am so grateful to be a part of inner bliss 30 days of yoga.  for the 30, not sure why it is not 31, days i will be at a yoga class every.single.day! it has started off great, i have been there each day and love feeling that soreness back in my body.  just by adding a simple new routine into my workout, i am still doing T25, it is making me wake up muscles i haven’t used in awhile.  more importantly, i just love yoga and have really wanted to get back into it, so i am thrilled to be able to center myself each day and focus on what i am grateful for.  
4 today is basketball try outs for the grace.  this is good for her because it is what she loves to do, bad for me because i am not a fan of the program and it will just be a argument in my home for the next 6 months.  while i am glad her dad coaches her, i don’t like so many things about it.  but since i am such a positive person now i will focus on the positive.  it keeps her moving, she likes it, she gets to be on a team with most of her friends, they all play well together, that is it, that is the positive. this is last years team and they did great! 
5 weekend! last weekend i did nothing, i don’t even have a picture to show for it, cause it was just that…nothing. i pooped pain pills, napped, watched tv, put part of a puzzle, part because i still need to finish, (i love puzzles, but i will save that for another post) cooked, ate, nothing. let me tell you, it was awesome. i think i was worn out and tired from doing nothing!  i think i am going to schedule a nothing weekend, once a quarter even if that means missing number the above’s basketball games. 
have a great weekend! are you linking up? let me know so i can follow!! 

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