the secret

have you read this book?  boy…it really hit home with me, and it is crazy how it came back full circle.

i first heard about it several years ago, but never looked into it.  then a few weeks ago i saw a post on it and decided to give it a try. it all came back to me on who recommended it, and i should have read it long before.  things/people come into your life right when you need them and this book is a huge sign of that. 


i try to be positive, but this book really opened my eyes to while I may be trying to be positive, i am not living positive. Also, I may backwards in my positivity, i was focusing on all the wrong thing i realized.


this book also opened my eyes to my attitude and approach with my children.  i have been communicating with  them in all the wrong ways.  Keep in mind, i had this realization several years ago when it was suggested i read 1-2-3 magic, and that is a great book and approach, but i think my crew has gotten past the ole 1-2-3 and mae mae, well she has no regard for that nonsense. i am trying to shift my focus to focusing on everything they are doing right and not so much what they are doing wrong or what i want them to change.


and so far…smashing success!!!


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