today we are heading out on the road for a cedar point/camping trip.  and when i say we are heading on the road we are heading on the road in a 42′ coachmen rv that has more tv’s in it than my house! 

i am not a camping person, at all, so this is roughing it for me and honestly, as much as my kids love this adventure i am not thrilled.

although i will be when they are happy right? isn’t that how it works? isn’t that how good parent feel? 
but…i do love cedar point, so i am throwing it back to hyland software cedar point day a few years ago.  cedar point day is my favorite day of the year and i am so thankful that the company i work for keeps cedar point day on the books. one day they pay for you and your family to go enjoy the park. i pull the kids out of school every year for this day, well i should say only the kids that are over 48″ tall. if you are not tall enough to ride with us, sorry as the saying goes…’stay in school’. 

pre mae those were the day! 

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