oh hey friday

here we are again, friday!

here is the deal, you write up 5 things, anything! link it up with September Farm and The Farmers Wife and thats it.  happy weekend! 

1 – t25 – this program is my absolute favorite.  last year when i know i had to make a change from just running i started insanity.  don’t get me wrong, i loved insanity and it propelled me into my love for beachbody, shakeology and challenge groups, but t25 is my go to. i think because it is 25 minutes long so it flys by and when i am done i know i have just gotten in a kick my butt workout 

2 – jesse’s hair – yesterday was the first day of school, which is always a fun morning!  my daughter jesse has crazy wavy/curly hair, but the top of it is full of straight pieces. crazy to the point where there isn’t much you can do with it without altering somehow, you either need to curl the straight pieces and ’embrace the curls’ as i tell her, or blow dry it straight and then follow up with flat ironing it.  this girl is 6, lets keep that in mind, it just seems crazy cra to have to spend so much time on a 6 y/o’s hair, but guess what, i do.  yesterday for the first day of school i had prepped her all summer, ‘j, this year we are going to embrace the curls, you are going to own them, love them!’  yeah, that is not how it went down yesterday morning. i scrunched those curls up, then i curled those straight pieces and my sassy six year old looked and that mirror and freaked.  she hated the curls, hatted how ‘puffy’ it was and proceeded to flatten her hair to her head. took the brush and brushed all those curls into a wavy weird mess. therefor i had to then flat iron that hair, which takes some effort from all those curls underneath. 

yes, i just went on and on about a 6 y/o’s hair…apparently it is a real problem in my life. 
today though, she went off to school with a nice tight single braid with a headband holding down those curls trying to bust out. no tears = success.

3 – laundry – it consumes my life, i don’t mind doing laundry and i am one of the girls that needs to fold it and put it away right when it comes out of the dryer.  there is no sitting around in baskets in this house. we have enough clutter around this place. we do our own laundry around here. i do my own laundry, todd does his, we both do the kids, but there is absolutely no mixing in my laundry routine.  it drives me out of my mind when todd does the laundry as he will just throw everything in there…it is chaos…towels with shirts, pi’s with shorts, jeans with a dress. it stresses me out. i will never understand for the life of me how you can mix items, especially pajama’s!! when i open that dryer and see there are clothes just sitting in there, when i am ready to make my switch from the washer to the dryer, holy, i can’t think of much that may throw me over the edge than this.  i really don’t mind doing laundry, i find it to be so fulfilling when it is all caught up and the clothes are folded and put away. granted, my kids closets are the worst and the clothes are spilling all over but it is put away. 

4 – i ran 10 miles this past week. that made me extremely happy but it also does not make me miss training for a marathon.  this time last year i was out on the streets running 18 and 20 by myself.  10 by myself is a good thing, just turn on the music and go. 
5 – middle school – this girl is in middle school
i do not know how or when it happened, well i know when, it was yesterday but i don’t know when the time flew by, that is what i am looking for, to get that time back. i remember middle school, it was the worst. a girl used to follow me around growling at me because she was friends with a girl who thought i ‘liked’ her boyfriend.  i am so thankful that is what it is not going to be for this girl.  she has a great head on her shoulders, i have no clue how it happened, but i am super grateful that i am her mom. 

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