tomorrow they start again, new schools for each of them, hopefully their little minds ready to soak in another year of knowledge, another year of experiences, friends, lunches the whole dang package.

i am sad when it is time for them to go back to school, summer is my favorite and ours was jam packed. it went by way too fast and i still feel like we didn’t do any of the things i wanted to do. don’t get me wrong, we had a ton of great adventures but just a few bucket items we didn’t get to.

it seems like yesterday here they were…

this was the last day before summer break. they pretty much look the same, just a little taller. 
i have to go into one more thing, it has just been eating away at me. 
school supplies
they are my favorite…favorite! this year was an epic fail.
i love to go get the school supplies. i used to try to take the kids but it would turn into fights in the aisles, wyatt asking for legos, j wants a snack, grace wants a book anything but school supplies. 
so i stopped taking them and would peaceful wander the aisles armed with my lists smirking to myself as the parents around me argued with their children. 
i get those supplies home and spread them all over the table. put them in piles by supply, bust open the box of crayons and smell each one of them, sharpen the pencils, gaze at the fresh new erasers. i love every supply. 
i bust out the label maker and the new sharpie and add names to the supplies and neatly pile up each stack by kid.  
i scrap cute cards for the teachers, grab a cute plant from trader joes and twine it up with the cute card. 
none of that happened this year…fail…sad mama.
this is the back of my car with some of the school supplies, wyatt’s supplies. i was writing his name on them as i was taking them out of the bag and packing them up to drop off minutes later during his visitation. i didn’t get to use the label maker, i didn’t get to stack them all neatly, i took 3 kids with me not the store, i never got my alone time with all the supplies. what i did do was spend $100’s (that is a plural mind you) more because i went three separate times for each kids supplies. i also ate one of these each time, before i got to the check out. 
i walked to the aisle, grabbed the bag, tore it open and walked around the store eating the entire bag…it’s a problem, I’m not ready to accept it yet, don’t try to stop me. 
we successfully made it to the visitations, no cute gifts in hand, just a kid and supplies.
no cute scrapped card
no cute little plant
no twin wrapping them together
just a crazy haired kid and a tote bag full of unlabeled, name with a sharpie, supplies.


oh and a boy more focused on putting himself int he locker than the supplies in the locker.
the biggest fail, i have NO pictures of my oldest gal going off to middle school. i didn’t even take her to the visitation! thank goodness i know her teacher, maybe i can have her snap me a quick pic with her iPhone so i have some sort of documentation. 
fail…mom fail…i am not sure i will ever get over it. i promise i will come back strong next year! 
i hope you fly this year my little birds….

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