it is tbt…

so how i am dong this is i randomly am scrolling through my iPhoto and then someone is telling me to stop, then someone is telling me a number between 1-8 and another number for 1-15 the row and picture and that is what you get! the good, bad and the ugly.

here is the boy on our trip to Sea World a few years ago, three years ago, wow!  I was super excited to go to Sea World on this trip, and it ended up being a huge disappointment as well as a huge amount of money.  I remembered going to Sea World growing up and loving to just hang out an watch the dolphins & whales. Now, you can’t even get near to even see them. they keep them behind the scenes and the only time you can see them beyond a show is to pay top dollar for a behind the scenes tour.  you can’t even watch them swimming around in their tank anymore. so sad. the dolphin encounter is not much of an encounter. the staff was terrible rude and not informative and again, you could pay money for some dead fish to feed them during feeding time but that is pretty much every one slammed against the wall trying to drop their fish into the dolphins mouth, or they grab it quickly as  they go by. #disappointment #fail

the vacation though…good stuff! 

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