oh hey friday!

here we are again, friday!

here is the deal, you write up 5 things, anything! link it up with September Farm and The Farmers Wife and thats it.  i usually spend my friday nights laying around reading blogs all night on my iPad from the link ups, i love it!

1- first things first, i have to control my diet! seriously i cannot stop, this is what my focus is this week, it isn’t so much that i eat really bad food but i just eat way too much good food. also i have no control when it comes to portion size. i can polish off a whole bin of hummus in one sitting. 
2 – speaking of eating…i can’t stop eating these. this is the problem, school supplies (a separate post will be coming just for that) but each time i have been to target this week for school supplies i have polished off one of these babies while shopping.  i just rip that bad boy open and walk around popping them in my big mouth while picking up folders, erasers and markers. i may need an intervention. 

3 – we have lived in this house for 10 years this december, so it is the time where everything starts to go wrong and break. currently we have a leaking dishwasher that is just sitting in the kitchen, that is because it was pulled out of the island to find out where it was leaking and that is where the job ended.  currently something is leaking upstairs, like somewhere in the bathroom area, i know this because the kitchen ceiling is wet, similar to how the ceiling is wet in the front room and the foyer.  I’m guessing the leaks are similar, but i am not a fix it guy, so no clue.  so i suppose if we just continue to ignore these leaks all will be good. 

4 – back to school is just around the corner and nothing says back to school like the heritage days parade.  it is one good parade and the kids score a ton of candy/tootsie rolls. it is the best parade and we sit in my aunt patties front yard which is always fun! this crew is waiting patiently for the candy to start coming. 
5 – family pictures were a success. i was a little nervous as the first one she posted on Facebook i looked like i was 9 months pregnant. but after seeing them all i am thrilled! amy has a gift and i am glad she uses that gift on editing my photos. i will post about them all soon, but here is a fav. 
she also gives me the black & white option which i love too! 
that is all for now! have a great friday!!

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