Here we are a week later and a day late! 
so many people are doing it, the throw back thursday on the instagram and facebook.  i am going to be starting a tbt here on the blog.  they all may not be that fun for my couple of readers but i know i will love it!
so how i am dong this is i randomly am scrolling through my iPhoto and then someone is telling me to stop, then someone is telling me a number between 1-8 and another number for 1-15 the row and picture and that is what you get! the good, bad and the ugly.
ahhhh look at these sweet girls! I LOVED the outfits they are wearing and grace would not wear that outfit again after this day.  apparently this is about the time she got an opinion on her clothes.  anyway…here we are on our second Hilton Head vacation.  We love HH and stay in the same house each time. (link on the side of the blog) and have so much fun each time!! The house is perfect location, we rent bikes, we swim, we hit the park but just mainly hang out the whole week.  

j must have been 3 look at that hair, no curls, i must have flat ironed it to death! and grace 8.

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