so many people are doing it, the throw back thursday on the instagram and facebook.  i am going to be starting a tbt here on the blog.  they all may not be that fun for my couple of readers but i know i will love it!
so how i am dong this is i randomly am scrolling through my iPhoto and then someone is telling me to stop, then someone is telling me a number between 1-8 and another number for 1-15 the row and picture and that is what you get! the good, bad and the ugly.

here goes…

here we are back to 2012 and this sweet little double chin nugget’s name is…LIZ! ha, it is mae, but i have a double chin too so it counts right?! this was our first disney trip and this girl was the best 9 month traveler.  she was a great age to take because she slept whenever and wherever, they let us do ride swap with her, which was great for the other 3 because they got to ride everything twice, once with me than once with todd, and just cause she is so darn cute! i mean look at those wrist creases.  i remember this day as if it was last week, it was scorching hot there, so I’m not sure why she is wearing this heavy outfit, probably because it was cute and I’m all about the cute, not crowded so we didn’t wait long at all and just a great weeks vacation.
seriously…the cutest mickey ears ever as far as I’m concerned.

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