Five on Friday

So I just love this sweet girl’s blog September FARM so I am jumping on her and The Farmers Wife five on friday bandwagon! 

Here goes…
Percy- we are watching Percy this week, our dear friends guinea pig. i know nothing about guinea pigs beyond the fact they reproduce like…rabbits. we plan on keeping him safe in wyatt’s room. goal for the week – percy does not end up being chewy’s squishy toy. 

The 3 Day Refresh – since we came home from vacation (vacation post soon to come) i have been a processed food, junk eating, chemical drinking crack head.  this week i started off the week with The 3 Day Refresh and feel great.  I wasn’t doing it so much for the weight loss, although I was thrilled with that too, it was more to help flush out my system and get me back on a trying to eat clean 80% of the time path i need to be on. 

Runner – im a runner again and i couldn’t be more thrilled! although i am still going to cross train with a beach body program, PiYo for right now, i am happy to be training for another half marathon.  (after last years chicago marathon i decided I’m a halfer girl here on out.) since i am a runner again it only seems right i purchase all new running gear…right? so i am pretty sure i am going to need all these before my next (long) run, which is on saturday. 

LeBron – i was not on the ‘LeBron come back to #cle bandwagon’, actually i was completely against it. while i never burned my jersey (i didn’t even own a jersey) i wanted him to recognize the mistake for how he left.  but boy did he win me over with that essay. i cried like a fool reading it and at the end i was all ‘boy come home’!! now I’m not cra cra enough to think he wrote that essay, but i do believe those are his thoughts.  i think he is more mature and i think #cle is too.  i am excited for what that brings for our city and our team!

Front door – while out on a great 5 mile run on the fourth of july with these fine friends. 

we ran by a house that inspired me to paint my front door and add house numbers.  now, my door was in desperate need of a coat of paint and when our house was built they added the house numbers in the corner of the garage and you cannot see them at all. so i thought this was a cute idea and i like how it turned out. i am happy with how my front patio looks after some sprucing up with some flowers, there is still plenty i want to do but that is a whole different post! 

so that is it, my 5 on friday!  if you want to join in on the fun be sure to put the five on friday badge on your post and link back to the hosts.  have a great friday! 

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