Summer is here!

It is crazy around this house now that summer is here. That last week of school just flies by with all the kids activities and the first week of summer is even worse! It is a good crazy and I often have to stop myself from ‘freaking out’ (don’t kid yourself I still freak out A LOT but I stop myself every few times) and just accept the:

  • chaos
  • clutter everywhere
  • dirty bathroom
  • laundry everywhere
  • papers everywhere
  • dog hair
  • flip flops all over
  • i can’t park my car in the garage
because in a quick blink of an eye it will be over. (it really doesn’t feel like a blink of an eye when it is happening though)

Right now we are gearing up for a crazy, fun filled family vacation. We are thrilled! But before that can happen we have to still focus on everything that is still happening.  This week the two older ones are at basketball camp, which makes the mornings nutty trying to get 2 kids to 2 different camps at 2 ends of the city. Then they have to be picked up and returned to wherever the next stop is or whomever is watching them that day. This past week we had tons of fun outings.
Wyatt and I spent his last week of school on the Olmsted Falls History tour.  I loved this because I love the small town and all the history it holds. My grandpa (the cutest man on the planet) is a part of a lot of that history so that makes it extra interesting. 
look at g-pa in his b-day hat. could he be any cuter?!
 For each of the stories Wyatt’s teacher shared with us Grandpa was able to give some more facts or tells who lived where and tons of great history.  He shared his pictures when he was a small boy with Wyatt’s class after which was super cool! 

me & the boy on the tour. little does he know , hopefully a little piece of his future is behind him! 

 Along with that fun came field day for everyone, grace had her 5th grade trip to Greenfield Village. (Grace is also super quick to remind Jesse that I don’t go on any of their field trips, just Wyatt’s so she should just stop asking me…nice) 

Everyone had Honors Day which always makes me super proud of my kids and their accomplishments & cracks me up because Grace always wants to ‘look nice’ that day. 
This girl lost her first tooth & we celebrated her 6th bday! 
ok mom, maybe she does have a huge forehead! 
Everyone is moving on to a new school next year which is exciting but makes me super sad.  
the honors day ‘dress up’ outfit
This girl moved on to her new building too.  
seriously…i cannot get enough of her. 
This really made me super sad as I have never not had a kid in the same building with me at work.  More so, she has moved into the ‘big kid’ classroom where more independence comes.  I know this is all great for her, but makes me sad and want my sweet little baby to just stop getting too big!  
It is just the beginning of this crazy summer, but it is all good!!

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