Post-op frustration


i could keep going on but I won’t.


I had an appendectomy on Monday, obviously I wasn’t expecting it and boy was it painful.  It started on Sunday evening about about 5pm and I just assumed I had food poisoning.  About 10pm I told Todd I wanted to go to the hospital, and I am pretty sure he thought I was nuts. My mom came and took me, because Todd needed to stay home with J, who was sick every half hour herself. (it was a rough Sunday evening in this house) By the time we got to the emergency room I.was.a.mess. Sweating, Shaking, Crying just an ugly mess. Not to mention, when I left the house I was not in my finest attire, actually I was in the worst. Worst sorts bra, worst tank top, you know the ones that are all stretched out so the said worst sports bra is hanging out from under the said worst tank top.  Seriously, it was gross.  Thankfully, I had a hoodie on, but after the sweating, shaking and crying, blood taking, IV pumping the sweatshirt had to come off. Overall, just a mess!

4 hours after arriving they diagnosed appendix
6 hours after arriving they checked me into a room
13 hours after arriving appendix ruptured
15 hours after arriving appendix out
18 hours after arriving I went home

Everyone was so great at the hospital.  I realize we have state of the art medical centers in my area and we are so thankful to have choices with healthcare, but I just love our little hospital a few towns over.  I have had all my kids there, the only doctor I go to is there and they successfully stopped the tearing pain that was ripping through me, so in my book, they are amazing!

pre op puff selfie!

Now is the hard part and what I am struggling with the most, the recovery. I am not a sitter a rounder and it is super hard for me.  Even when I was in the hospital waiting for surgery on Monday I felt guilty for not being at work.  All week, even though they told me I needed to stay home a week to recover it has killed me.  I just can’t take the sitting!  To make matters worse, did you know they pump you full of carbon dioxide pre op?  Yep, fill you up good with gas so they can get around in that stomach to take out the infected appendix.  Therefore after you feel like a big ball of puff! Not to mention the bags of fluid they give you all day long to keep you  ‘hydrated’.  When I walked out of there I had not eaten for well over 24 hours, lost an organ and had gained 15lbs, to say I was annoyed is an understatement!

Remember when you were young and would go to the hospital and it was SO cool to have a hospital band?  Well, when they bucket you as a ‘fall risk’ it isn’t so cool anymore, it just means you are old and apparently unstable. I guess they could tell I need to work on my core!

This week I have not been able to work out, no T25, no short runs, no Insanity, nothing…it is killing me!  I feel like a lazy blob.  Not to mention my house is a wreck, it is not like I have been able to be home getting the house cleaned and organized.  I can’t do anything. So either way I feel guilty. I feel terrible for not working out,  because I cannot, I feel terrible for not being at work, because I can’t, I feel terrible for not cleaning my house, because I can’t, it is a endless cycle of just feeling terrible.

I am hoping this weekend is a HUGE turn around.  We are heading to Columbus for Grace’s OVR tournament.  This is exciting stuff and I am thrilled for her team and to see them compete and all the hard work they have put in.  I also know I will be sitting in a gym all day long feeling like a blob. Now, I am trying to figure out what the heck I am going to wear, since I cannot get a pair of pants on, I cannot zip/snap anything over my incisions and I am a bloated mess.  I think I am headed out to find a brand new moo moo.

Monday is a fresh start, I have big recovery plans for the weekend to get out of this funk. Thanks for letting me vent!

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