Are you ready to start a fitness program but just do not know where to begin? Is it overwhelming? Do you not want to step into a gym? Are you afraid of failing?

You just have to start…
Start by doing what is necessary… Select a fitness program! I WILL help you with that. Set some goals and based on those goals we can find a program that is right for you. 
You want to burn calories?

this program is on sale and focuses on HIIT training & you will burn some a whole bunch of calorie junk! Plus it is fun, fast and great music! Chalene is a firecracker and you will love her! 

Is time an issue?

Tony Horton has packed his amazing cut yourself up and get ripped workout into 30 minutes! Do you think you cannot do P90X? you are wrong! You CAN do this workout! This Challenge Pack is also on sale.
Do you need the entire package (like me)? Not only do you need to start a fitness program but nutrition is a huge part too! 

This program is the key. Not only do you have a variety of 30 minute workouts for each day this program comes with a portion control meal plan. You WILL learn not only portion control but what foods you should be eating together for maximum results. There is plenty to eat on this program, you defiantly will not starve and it even includes wine and chocolate. 🙂 
Then what is possible… it is possible for you to get started, you just need to reach out to begin. You do not need to live near me or attend my classes. I want to be your coach and can be no matter what the location. I have a Challenge Group starting later this month to help with accountability and will make the group fun and interactive! 
And then suddenly you are doing the impossible… Actually it is not impossible, it is getting yourself fit, strong, more confident, happy, engaged and feeling great! (I could just keep going on) 
You just need to start…message me to do so or comment here. You just need to start! 

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