This little group of mine…

As I posted about here I went and got my INSANITY certification last month. I sent out a Facebook message, tweet, Instagram telling everyone to come and I could not have been more THRILLED with the turnout! These friends worked their butts off and we realized we needed a bigger room to accommodate everyone and all the moving! (Burpees are tough when you are bumping into people) I had to switch the day, it is now on Wednesday’s from 7-8pm at the Community Center for all you local friends! It was a bummer that day did not work as well for everyone, but the bigger space was defiantly needed. Watching the work they put in each week inspires me, and wants them to succeed with their goals. I will do whatever it takes to help them along the way. Weather that be once a week or with another program, changes are happening and positive results come from that, which is just awesome!!

I love having those types of people in my life, those that lift you higher!

My next little group…

scored pretty well with the Easter bunny! They loved finding eggs and it ended up being a beautiful day! 

Im not sure whats up with the littlest ones smile, she has got this new thing going on that is a bit goofy! I often wonder what is up with this girl! 
This one you always know what is up with her, because she is the first to tell you! After some desperate pleading she agreed to pull her hair back which makes for a way more enjoyable day for me! 
The boy was just looking for sugar/junk food which he got a lot of and iTunes gift cards. (to cover the $100 he spent the previous weekend in the app store, yes that read $100, which is another story for another time) He never cares what he is wearing which makes holidays much more simple.

and this one decided she wanted to dress a little more like a girl for the day which shocked me! Although you can see she then went right into playing volleyball in the skirt. Which was 100% fine by me. She also needed to get some vitaminD on those legs, which she has since gotten. 


I just had to throw these pics on there cause 1. #ijustlovethosecalves it has to be a hash tag! They are the best and some times I just lay there with her and squeeze, bite & kiss them! 2. my sweet J, I love it when she is smiling and happy, she can be such a bright light!

That was Easter…all in all, a good day! 

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