A great weekend!

Last weekend was just a great weekend. I love that when everything just feels right. Now, my house could have used some cleaning, and laundry didn’t get done, I basically wasn’t too productive, but it was a good weekend.

Friday and Saturday I got to spend time with Brookie. Brooke has been my dearest friend since we were small, like 3 or 4 or something. Because life is so crazy sometimes we may not see each other for stretches of time so a good two days at her house were great. Friday she and I had an Origami Owl party together, fun, I just love picking out the charms for not only myself 🙂 but for gifts and what charms remind me of them! ! Then saturday I went back over there in the evening for a birthday celebration for her dad and the great cake bake-off! The great cake bake off was between Brooke and her sister Kelly, they both baked amazing cakes and we judged them. Brooke won in the end (presentation is where Brooke pulled ahead) but I have to tell you both were amazing and Kelly totally impressed me with her baking skills! I don’t have pics of the fun, someone else had them but it was just great! I love spending times with family and friends, sitting outside, enjoying each other, telling stories and being able to be outside together! Brooke always feeds us too, both nights she fed my kids dinner! That is always a bonus!!

Saturday this girl and I went to Super Saturday!

pre-glow workout!

What is Super Saturday you ask?

It is a quarterly event with Beachbody where teams gather to learn new information an ramp up on Beachbody. It is so motivating to know the amazing opportunities with this company but just sharing what I love, fitness and improving myself each day one workout at a time. When I say that I don’t just mean improving my ‘body’ it improves way more than that. Working out and getting fit is a total transformation, not just getting that fupa down. The times I feel the best about myself is when I am working out and sharing that with someone else. Lisa and I went together off to Perrysburg (our team is all out of state) and boy did we hit the jack pot! I had no clue whose event I had signed us up for and here it was one of the most successful coaches! It was inspiring to hear not only her story but those of her coaches also. Plus we got new information so it always great to just get another perspective. The added bonus was there was a cute little shopping plaza next to the training so we had lunch and mani/pedi’s after the training!

Sunday was a full day of volleyball and boy was that a great day. We happened to have great spring weather on Sunday, so when we headed into that gym at 6:30am and knew I was going to be able to be outside I can’t lie, it bummed me out a bit. That all changed though about 5pm.

Ready to start their day! 
These girls played the team they have been neck and neck with right off the bat on Sunday morning. They beat them the first game but lost the next two. They played well all day through the rest of pool play. Then came the medal rounds. The semi’s they played tough, the other team was competitive which was great, kept us good an engaged. Then they had to play the team they have been neck and neck with and they had lost to in the morning again for the finals. This is a team of a good group of girls, they have great serves and can hit the ball! We lost the first one, I have to say, after that first one I wasn’t feeling so hopeful.
Our girls are tough though and they know the game of volleyball and they can make changes and adjust to the competition. (Keep in mind they are in 3rd & 5th grade) We won the second one, it was a good solid win. The third game then is of course crazy stressful. I have that sick feeling the whole time, sitting trying to be calm. Trying to send positive thoughts and cheer positive up lifting cheers. Not breathing during the volley’s (and boy were there some great ones). Squeezing the life out of my hands, you know just the typical mom stuff. 
These girls won, straight out won the next two games to be the champs of the tournament. They have won several tournaments this year and last year. They have only been runner ups and couple times and always to this team. For us to beat them was huge and shows just how hard our team works and how far they have come! It was such a great win for them and they were thrilled!!! I was crying I was so happy for them! (and because I saw Emma crying, and I thought Emma was crying because she was so happy too but here she was just crying because her sister had hit her on the back too hard!) 

An awesome team with AWESOME coaches! Each year we know things are goig to change, but when this team breaks up it will be one sad day. They are just a great group together!! 
And just in case you thought being a team manager was an easy position? it is not! It is exhausting! Have you ever tried to keep up with little hand eye coordination with those volleyball cheers? It is tough. 
BTW I had no idea that JO volleyball was a very close relation to cheerleading with all the cheers they do. They have dedicated a practice to just getting the cheers down. who knew! 
Last but not least, I need to give one little plug for my girl Grace. She was having a rough day Sunday and at one point was pretty down. She took some time, had a talk and turned herself around and made the adjustment she needed too. I am so proud of her for recognizing what was happening, acknowledging it and doing something about it. She had that 5 minutes of poor me and then turned that around. I got to tell you that 5 minutes of poor me was tough though. I remained calm and breathed A LOT!!! I got to actually walk outside (away) and enjoy some of that spring day. 

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