Vita Mix+PB2+Shakeology=Amazing

I love my chocolate Shakeology, that is no secret, but I wanted to branch out and try a new recipe and boy is this one is good stuff!!!

I started with this of course, my trusty Vita Mix 5200
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I added 8 oz of H2O and my single serving packet of goodness, Strawberry Shakeology
1.5 tbs of PB2
threw in about 4-6 oz of vanilla almond milk and some ice.
Blended in my super machine and viola…best Peanut butter and jelly Shakeology! It not only tasted amazing, I am getting over 70 super foods into my system that I would never be able to get with just a regular clean diet. It is my Daily Dose of Dense Nutrition and I love it. I have better energy, my sweet tooth is satisfied, I feel great and it reduces my cravings. Really, I cannot say enough good about this part of my day, I am craving it just typing this! You should try it, really, it is that amazing for you!
It was so yum and refreshing after my favorite T25 Speed 2.0 workout. 
Do you want to know more about Shakeology? Visit here and/or contact me!
Do you want to know more about Vita Mix? Check out their website and/or contact me! 
I love it that I use two of my favorite things together each day. 

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