sports, kids and a breakdown!

My weekends for the past few months have been in gyms, not the whole weekend (although some weekends it has been the whole weekend) but at least one day of the weekend. So today when I asked the 2 older kids if they wanted to go to basketball skills today and they both responded ‘no’ I have to say, I wasn’t too broken up about it.

Yesterday Grace’s U11 team won their tournament for the third week in a row. These girls are just a great group of girls. They have worked their butts off for the past 3 years and they have such a great team bond. They are different ages, and have different friends but they are a team and it is awesome! and really how cute is that little manager on the bottom right!

I have to admit, I had a little breakdown a few weeks ago and just snapped from the whole living in a gym thing. It was a rough weekend, we had volleyball all day, 2 basketball games after the all day volleyball and I had been inside a gym for 15 straight hours. My other kids were done, I felt like I was a bad mom, my kids playing the sports were putting about 50% effort in, my house was a mess, I had nothing done in life, was working as well and I was done. That was the day before Jesse & I left for Florida so it really was a much needed break and I think the people who live with me needed the break from me. I was/am so crabby and mean to everyone and had just thrown in the towel and ate a big bowl of processed cheese.

I have come out of it now and back to trying to get everything done and finding balance. Back to yoga tomorrow and I know that is HUGE in helping center me, getting my workouts in and eating well is always what I need to keep me from ‘snapping’ again.

I have accepted that it is ok to ‘snap’ sometime as long as I get back up and get back at it. Grace asked me the other day if I was ok yet. I guess I am, but I am scaling back on what they do and how much they do it and just taking time to focus on my family.

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