Spring today Winter tomorrow

Today was what happens each year, about this time. We get our hopes up, some people bust out the flip flops, lots of fresh pedicures, open up the windows and doors and then we are smacked back down about 12 hours later. That is what is happening outside right now. We had a ‘sight’ of spring the past 2 day, temps above 50 and some peeks of the sun. Over the next 8 hours that will change, the rain has started, then turn to ice, followed by 8-12 inches are expected. The good news? 1. It won’t be 8-12 inches, they always say it is way worse than it really is. 2. This should be about the last time this happens. While I won’t say it will be, as mother nature usually turns on us again late March early April, it this point I start to know the end is near.

BUT in 76 short days it is Memorial Day and you know what that means…the KICK OFF for summer. This also means bathing suits are moving in quickly. Prepare for that this year, commit to a fitness program for the next 90 days so you are ahead of the game. When you put that suit on after the cold snowy winter you are ready to LOVE yourself in it! In 90 days you could complete this or three rounds of this, or 10 weeks and you will be rocking that suit from your work doing this. You want low impact? All of those have a modifier or just try this. I have someone getting amazing results with that program right now! YOU CAN RESHAPE YOUR BODY and I want to help you all along the way, really, it motivates me to see your results! Contact me (email, Instagram @simonbob) and lets discuss your fitness goals and we can work to get you to your fitness goals!

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