Home & time to EAT CLEAN!

We are home! We had a great 5 days in Florida and although we hated to leave it was good to come home. I missed all my other people!! Our last day in Florida we started off by heading to the farmers market, I just wanted to buy all the fresh fruits, veggies and flowers but was pretty sure they were not going to allow me on the plane with them.

we wanted to go to the pool before we left, so J and I headed over for a couple of hours for our last minutes in the sun. Boy, I did not realize how hot the sun was. I was good with sun block all week until that last day. It felt chilly out but those rays got us good! We both came home good and pinchy! 
This is a great picture of J and the beautiful palm tree in the background, I should have jumped out! I posted this on Instagram. (you can follow me on Instagram as @simonbob)
Each time we have to say goodbye it stinks, yes I know, I know, you are not supposed to say goodbye, but we do and it stinks. We all end up crying every time, it is awful! Which is odd, since my Dad has lived in Florida I have way more visits with him and Wheat and we have the best time just enjoying the days and talking. We never spent that much quality time together, until they moved. I think I just answered my own rhetorical question on why it is hard saying goodbye every time. 

Now that I am home I need to get back on track. It was amazing eating 2 bags of chocolate covered Acai berries while there. Oh and did I meant ion the bag of Monster Mix…AMAZING! I need some clean eating for the next few weeks. 

Join me for 5 days of CLEAN EATING! I will send you the shopping list later this week and the recipes for the 5 days of clean eating. Who knows, maybe we can be ambitious and turn this into 7,10 or even 14. I promise you it is a gift to yourself and you will feel great for doing it. It is ABSOLUTELY FREE! I will set up a private FB group where we can all help be accountable and share how we are feeling throughout the days. The first couple of days may be tough, but we will push through! Not on FB? That is ok, we can do this through email and Instagram as well. Message me if you would like to join simonbob15@yahoo.com What do you have to loose? ha…get it!!

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