FLA continues

I could get used to the vacation, no responsibilities life. This is how my day works:

  • wake up
  • work out  T25 (I brought it with me)
  • beach/pool meaning beach and/or pool
  • run (I am trying to be a runner again)
  • shower
  • latte
  • dinner
  • sit on the couch
  • bed

Which brings me to today it was both a beach and pool day. We headed off to Barefoot Beach in the morning, when we arrived it was sunny but crazy windy and the water was rough. We hung out and J played in the waves as much as she could, not too much or she would have been taken out to sea, and then the rain came in. It literally rained for 10 minutes then blue and beautiful, but still super windy. We tried to brave out the wind but ended up heading back to the pool. Which was fine with me. So J and I had some quality pool time which was great!

This is how it rolls in retirement Florida, that is it, that was a full day! We did head out to the stores after my run part of the day. We were looking for a new FGCU shirt for the kids. What a great campus, I would be thrilled if any of my kids decided to become a FGCU Eagle!

I am thankful I packed my Shakeology on this trip. I have done pretty well eating wise during the day but usually fall apart around dinner. I do know I have started the day off right with my Shakeology, and it is keeping me in check. I am using it in the shaker this week which is new for me and I have to say I like it.

I was nervous because I always use my Vita Mix (did you know you can receive free shipping on a new or refurbished vita mix machine by using this code? ***06-009319 *** make sure to include the code when placing your order) when mixing my Shakeology. The shaker was a great alternative, I just cannot add the banana of course.

Did you know…

seriously…you gotta try it!
Last day in the FLA tomorrow, that is until I move to Captiva. Did I mention that? More on that later.

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