Mama & J, FLA

I am currently into Day 2 of Mama & J, FLA., meaning Jesse and I go to Florida. It has been great. It is a whole new perspective to be with my child, who is the third child of four, alone without her Dad or siblings. She is a talker, I remember when she was smaller when we would travel to and from work together everyday and she would talk and talk and talk, the whole way. That talker has been in full force since Tuesday morning. Her alone with me, one on one is a whole different kid. There are traits about her that are clearer to me, little things I notice about her and her personality and how it aligns with the dynamics of our family. She craves the attention, the alone time, and the attention. I notice how her personality is so different from her older siblings and there traits when they were her age. It is just amazing to me, how I have raised them all the same, but they are so different.

The other thing about Florida I wasn’t prepared for is the weather. Yes, Florida weather is great and beats the 3 degrees when I left, but I am old. Old people have sinus problems when they get older and that is me. The allergies/sinus pressure thing is crazy! Which leads me to something I will never understand, if I am old enough to have sinus problems, then why do I still have adult acne? Seriously! Shouldn’t I trade in one for the other?

I need a good beach day tomorrow to dry that out.
This girls is a beach girl.


She stayed in the water the whole time then had trouble falling asleep last night because ‘it still feels like I am in the waves’. I love that. I remember as a small child going to California and playing at the beach and having that same problem. I love that she has that memory!
She is a crazy kid…
This trip was needed…badly! I needed the decompress time and am so grateful to have it. While I have worked out while here, I have hit the food too! There is always next week for that, I am just glad I was able to run again while here. More on all that for my next post…being a runner again & my much needed decompress time.
I did pack my Shakeology though and have enjoyed it each day.

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