I am day 7 into a great class that is part of Big Picture Classes called Move More Eat Well Jumpstart. I need this for many reasons, but today really made it worth my while! My orignial goal when signing up was to help me stay accountable for eating well and focusing on how food fuels me for my day and workouts. That has been ok but tonight the class really hit home. Each day I receive a daily message and today in the message center the subject of just breathing and believing in positive thoughts was a big topic. This is something I HAVE to incorporate into my day, and I WILL.

I am the type of person who ‘flies of the handle’ so to speak, especially at home. The smallest thing can just really send me over the edge. I need to Breath through these happenings. The more positive thinking I add to my day and the more times I just breathe through something it is only going to help. If I can work through just one or two incidents a day, I will be doing better. This will in turn help not only me, but my family and make me a better mom. The kids often times get the wrath of me when I walk into a room and there is ‘stuff’ everywhere. Many times the disorganization of my house can throw me over the edge, a fight, bickering, talking back I can go on and on. Today was one of those days when all of those things happened. We have all been home together for too long and really need to get back into our routine!

Regardless of what the reason, I need to breathe and be grateful that I have a house and I have people around me to mess it up. (ok, I can’t really be that positive, they could make some sort of attempt to keep it in some sort of order) 

Just a little plug for Big Picture Classes…I love them. The great part about them is you have them forever. They are always in your account and you can go back years later and finish the class if you got behind and was not able to stay up to pace (not that I have ever done that :/) and also revisit the class to refresh what you may have forgotten. There are many quick classes, free classes and classes that take some time investment, but all that I have done have been well worth it!

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