It is cold!

The New Year is starting off cold in Ohio!

I have never been a fan of the cold or snow but this year it got a little more bearable for me! After YEARS of looking, debating, saying I was going to purchase it we finally broke down and bought a hot tub. I may be crazy saying this, but it was the best investment we made in 2013. There are many reasons why:

  • it makes these cold days a bit more bearable
  • we stay home more
  • i stay up later at night (this may not be a bonus)
  • it forces todd and i to sit together and talk for several hours a week!

I really am not kidding when I say it is one of the major contributor to saving our marriage! 

The first couple weekends I thought maybe I was going to need to check into rehab, I was out there every night with my glass of wine and that glass would turn into the bottle! Now don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy my glass of wine out there, but I also love to sit in there after a good workout with my coffee. It is the best when the snow is falling all around you!

I know riveting post…it will get better. Off to watch the game, well the first half at least, then I need to make my way into the hot tub!

Go Buckeye’s!

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