The dream is gone…

For three years I have wanted this so much…

I dont have a picture of the outside on my computer, but it is a house in my town that no one has lived in for about 12 years. We have gone to this house SO many times I cannot count and I had it all planned in my steel trap mind how it was going to look in 20 years when we were done refurbishing it. We had listed our house a couple years ago, but no takers. We just had a realtor here last week and were working on getting it sold! We were really going to try this time, I mean really try. Now, I don’t know. Last week I noticed some activity at the house, and I found out this week it sold. Some stinkin snake lawyer came in and took my dream away! I am crushed…I feel like I lost a friend…I am just so sad. 
You may want to say right now, ‘It just wasn’t meant to be’. Apparently it wasn’t, but I don’t want to hear that now. 

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