Closet to Cubby

There are 2 things I have been wanting to accomplish for about a year:

  1. Swap the ‘Scrappin’ room for a locker/homework room for the kids
  2. Take the small closet out and switch to a cubby with a bench

Number two on this list is almost done, and number 1 is right behind! This is what the closet looked like before, minus the coats, crap and door.

just a plain old white coat closet when you come through my garage door. Across from the plain old closet was a white wall, that I had painted a chalkboard on oh about 3 years ago. I had big plans of writing clever inspirational things on this chalkboard…yeah that did not happen so much. 
there were the four little hooks to hang the kids coats on. This was annoying because there was always more than one coat or item on each hook, so it got very bulky. The short little hallway is pretty tight so if I was carrying in a person or bags, something always go knocked off. 
the new space…!!!:
the picture isn’t the best to show how great it is, but it will do! The pillow is the width of the bench and has the blue from the living room and the wall on it, then I tried to pull some yellow because the picture on the wall across has the yellow in it. below I also got a yellow mirror at Target for next to the picture. 
So I have to give the credit to Todd for the awesomeness of this, my plan was to go buy the bench that Martha Stewert makes and shove it into this closet and maybe, just maybe, put the wainscoting up on the closet. Todd wanted to build the bench to fit perfectly in the space as well as the shelves above and below. He also fought with the wainscoting on the back and sides so the seams fit perfectly. There are also hooks on the sides and back so when people come over they have a place to hang their jackets. Purses can go in the bins. 🙂 I wont let my kids hang their coats in there, it just does not look nice with the junk, junking up my new space. Plus…coming soon they will have their own location. 

The color of the wall is Sherwin Williams HSI customer 🙂 Dockside Blue and it is pretty much the ‘accent’ color in my living room, so it pulls in nicely. I must say even sitting where I am now, I just love to look over and see that blue. 🙂 Again, kudos to Todd, he painted the wall, although I wanted to paint the wall but he is a bit particular when it comes to painting so I was not authorized, never have been actually. I say, that is fine with me, cause it looks great! 
Have a great week! My kiddo’s are back to school tomorrow and I for one am ready for them to get back to their routine! Just a few weeks and they will be home for the summer, I need to get a lot of organizing done prior to that for a successful summer! Ha, who am I kidding!

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