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I am the worst blogger! (well for now I will just address being the worst blogger, there are many things I am the worst at, but for posts to come! Also I realize there are many other bloggers who post less than me, I just keep saying I am going to post more so I need to follow through!)

I am making a list of all the things I need to blog about, so I remember and get to each of them.

  • Basketball season
  • Stitch Fix
  • BPS Organizing FUNdamentals
  • Closet to Cubby
  • Scrap room to locker room
  • Because I Said I Would
  • Sleepy smell
Tonight I have to start with Stitch Fix. Please use this referral link if you would like to give Stitch Fix a try. I Love it, so if you make it through this whole post you may love too! 
I found out about this FUN FUN FUN site from Stephanie’s blog. One thing I really wanted to work on was my clothing, step it up a notch or three or four. My clothes mainly came from Old Navy or Target and if it was a real special occasion I would head to loft. This is due to I just ever have time to go shop, so while I am at Target, I swing by the clothes and grab something. It never fits right, but I make due. Old Navy has the worst jeans but I buy them because they are cheap, and I can grab them fast. This madness had to stop, I am wasting more money on these cheap clothes instead of just getting some good pieces, not crazy expensive, and getting good pants to wear with them. Stitch Fix entered at the perfect time. Here is the deal:
you create a profile
they ship you a box that you arrange the timing on
you check the clothes out
you keep what you want
you ship back what you do not in the pre paid envelope
So here was how my first Stitch Fix went:
I got the box, really how awesome is this box?!

opening it was so fun, to find this goodness! Keep in mind I am all about the packaging etc. So the fact the packing tape said Stitch Fix and the sticker holding the tissue closed was so fun for me. The inside of the box had the very simple instructions printed right on the box, just awesome! Marketing perfection!
inside was a little note from my ‘stylist’ telling me the items and the prices along with the option for $25% off.
This was the first item I pulled out Item #1.
this really was not me, but the picture makes it look a lot worse then it was. Keep in mind, when I filled out my profile I added I  needed to step out of my comfort zone and start wearing different pieces, hence the reason I received it in my fix. The fit was cute, it had capped sleeves and it did taper in some. I was not crazy about the pattern, the way it gathered in the front or the price. Also to note, in your profile you select a price range you would like to spend on pieces, I had chosen this price range, but the dress just was not for me. 
What is great about each piece is the styling card you get with it. It gives you two ways to wear the item, dressy and casual and i just love that because I need all the help I can get!

Item # 2

 LOVED IT! I am super excited to wear this sweater. I have not yet because I am holding off to be able to wear skinny white jean with it. 1. I am not super skinny enough to wear super skinny jeans and 2. Ohio is not yet ready for white jeans. But this fun ruffle sweater I do just love!
Item #3
this blouse was more pink then this picture shows. It was cute, it has a waffle weave on the back and was super sheer. I did not keep it though. I did not think i would get enough wear out of it, and really pink still scares me although I realize the goal here is to branch out. 

 Item #4

these were super cute and would go with a ton of outfits. you get one accessory item with each ‘fix’ My issue was they were $38 and I have a tendency to loose earrings so I knew that would happen so could not pay that much knowing one would be gone by next week. 
My last item was a cute shirt I kept and have worn several times! I apparently did not take a good picture, the one I have is super blurry. When I first pulled the shirt out, it looked crazy big and odd, but after trying it out I really liked it! It just so happened I had a necklace very similar to the one on the the styling card, so instantly I was sold! Odd, but I have a pic of me wearing it. This is what happens when you have a friend that helps dress you that lives across the country. I either FaceTime and show her each outfit or take a pic and send to her. 

So that is Stitch Fix and again I love it! I cannot wait to see what my next ‘fix’ is full of. I will let you know after it arrives on April 15th. 
Here is the link to my referral in case the embedded links do not work!
*Please post a comment here if you decide to try Stitch Fix, I would LOVE to know what items you get and how it works out! 

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