SANDY…we survived our first hurricane

Thankfully we did not have it as bad as many others, but I am happy to say the rain has passed. Who knew we would have a hurricane here in Northeast Ohio! Monday evening it started to get pretty bad on the way home and by 11pm the schools were all closed due to power outages and flooding, trees and debris all over our little city. Thankfully we never lost power, but that was not the luck for a bunch of our friends. Finally today it seems the remains of Sandy have passed by. The kids went back to school, but many systems have not, and about 4pm I saw the first clips of the sun in well over 7 days. The kids ventured across the street to one not so flooded area to ride their bikes, they really needed to get out of the house. I am not a bad mom, there were tons of really heavy current I did not allow my kids to play in.

The one good thing was school was canceled on Halloween, why is this good, well because bad Mom waited until the last minute to get the boy his costume. The problem was the boy is VERY specific on what he wants and they were all sold out. Sunday night at 11pm I am scouring every google link looking to have this costume on my doorstep the next day. I of course had to pay an obscene amount for not only the costume, that was $9.99 in most store, but a crazy amount to ship next day. Of course it did not arrive next day don’t think I will not be getting a FULL refund on the shipping on this bad boy but not only was this kid happy he didn’t have to go to school, he also had himself a costume!

Thankfully Trick or Treat was rescheduled to a crisp weather predicted evening on Sunday. 

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