10 years ago…

I started on the greatest adventure of my life and it has been amazing. I was worried I would suck at it, and I am not the best at it that is for sure, but it is something that I work hard at and try to refine my skills all the time. I learn from my mistakes and I know I have and will continue to make mistakes, but because of that I become better at it. I am so very lucky to be on this adventure and so very lucky to have my little people guiding me along the way.

10 years ago today I became a mom, to this girl.

Now I realize every mom thinks their kid is great, but really I wonder each day how the heck this child is mine. She is SO not me:
she gets straight A’s
she is smart
she is so laid back
she is calm
she moves at her own speed…slow
she lets just about everything just roll off her back

but she IS mine because:
she is sassy to me
she always has to get the last word in
she loves to read
she is goofy
she is sarcastic

I asked Grace today to describe her perfect day day to me:
She would be in Hawaii, either at the Disney resort or in Kauai. She would wake up at her normal time and go to the beach, breakfast would be at the beach and it would be chocolate chip pancakes. She then would have a surf lesson for most of the day. The remainder of the day she wasn’t in a surf lesson, she would work on surfing. She then would go find some dolphins to swim with. After the dolphins she would find a beach volleyball court to play some volleyball, and would beat the other players pants off. She would have some lunch in there, just when she hops out of the water for a bit. After the game she would go back to the resort for dinner, then back to her cabana, sit with her Kindle Fire and read her new book Hoot or Never More again, cause she loves that book. She would be reading in bed but with the windows and doors open so she could hear the ocean.

I remember the day, actually the days leading up to this day 10 years ago. I was in labor for a couple days and pretty much thought the whole experience was awful. There is actually a video of me saying, never again after Grace was born. That is funny. I was shocked and amazed that I had gotten something right and had this beautiful, perfect little baby. I remember those first 2 nights in the hospital and how amazed I was by her and just laying staring at her. She was perfect, little round face, sweet little lips, cute little nose. Last night I laid in bed with her thinking of those days 10 years ago. This time though I was laying next to a 5’4″ girl who was sprawled all over the bed, wide open mouth, snoring, talking in her sleep. (Grace is fully aware she is just about the ugliest sleeper!) Like every parent says, I have no idea where the last 10 years have gone. It is funny, couples often times go on vacation to celebrate their 10 years of marriage I feel like I should go on a vacation to celebrate 10 years of having the best experience of my life, being Grace Simon’s mom. I would take her with me of course 🙂

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