Gallery Wall

Amy took AWESOME photos back in June, and I knew I wanted to showcase them all, but just wasn’t sure how. I was hesitant to put them all in the living room because I feel like, why would anyone want to look at them, all the time. I sit in there, and I see the kids all the time, but I must admit, I LOVE to look at the pics! I got my inspiration here. Especially the subway art. I started by adding the wainscoting, I knew I would love this, I had it in my old house and loved it there & Brooke added it to her kitchen and I LOVE the way it turned out. hint hint…the next project is kitchen What I like the most is I used all products and frames that I already had, I bought nothing outside of the supplies for the wainscoting. 
For the Subway art I knew I wanted to use words/dates that were important to our family dynamic. When looking online these were upwards of $200 and I knew I wasn’t paying that much! So I sat down on a Friday night at my photoshop blank canvas and went downloading new fonts. I knew the size I wanted to balance out the whole wall so I just worked with that size canvas from the beginning. This took the longest of the whole project. I of course moved things nudge by nudge getting them to all the perfect spots on the canvas. I then throw it on a jump drive and printed at office max for under $20. I am not sure of the exact price but my total was under $30 and I got several other things printed 
I got the printed copy home and had a board left over from the surf boards that were cut out for J’s birthday party. Freddy O informed of nicer grades just as cheap I could have used and I will use those going forward I spray adhesives the board and added my printed copy. I then sanded the edges and across the whole middle lightly to have that distressed effect I love so much. I am not sure why, but I feel the need to sand EVERYTHING! After that I added Modge Podge lightly over the whole thing. This is where I got frustrated, as the paper bubbled when adding the mode podge. So I let dry, annoyed. I then felt it needed a bit more so I added some ink around the edges and then started flattening down the bubbles, when doing that I had ink on my hands that was wiping off on the board, it it looked great, so I just kept inking, another thing I do a lot of! Then I loved it and stuck it on the shelf…end of story!
the paper is still a little bubbly here, but you get the drift. 
I sprayed all the frames white, sent off to Costco for printing, came home added to the frames, and that is it, a gallery wall that I LOVE! I had bought the S at an AWESOME story in Savannah a couple years back, just waiting for me to use this cute little guy and he brings the color out from the barn door on the family picture. I just LOVE that J is looking at me in this pic and giving me that big old ‘i am being good, you love me the most, grin’. She is a piece of work, but just about the main reason I love her so
The black and white of Mae is the only black and white on the wall, i just wanted to add this because the picture is her looking up into the camera and the black and white just makes it and highlights those amazing thighs! I need to add a little pic in the small black sticky frame Speaking of those, I got those years ago from The House of Three which is no longer 😦
The arrow I made in Photoshop as well as the peace sign and the 6 I cut from vinyl on Jess’s trusty Cricuit. I wish you could see Mae’s face better in the pic where they are being silly, she is the cutest damm baby!!!
Gallery wall…done and I truly love it!

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