I want this

I am going to submit an application for this. I am not confident AT all I would even be a finalist or even a contender, but it is something I need to try to do for me. I need to Create again and this would be a perfect opportunity. I don’t have the style that they are looking for, I am a plain Jane when it comes to the scrapping, but I need to try.

Summer is QUICKLY flying by! This bums me out… I love summer and do not like it when it ends. Right now I have lots of little projects going on. A new scrapping room, to clear out the old scrapping room and turn that into a mud/locker room for all the kids stuff. I purged TONS of items and have just started to make a dent, there is finally a path to be able to walk in.

Painted the living room and the shelving unit, for new drapes, adding a picture wall, trying to brighten it up some before winter comes and dulls everything. I can’t wait to share the picture wall. Amy took new pictures of the kids, all of us actually, I actually got in the pic’s too. They turned out great, she is just great! I do not know how I will choose which ones for the picture wall.

I need to take more pictures…so each week I am going to commit to the ‘Sunday Summary’ I will blog at the minimum every Sunday and post a summary of the week through pictures. Most likely they will be from my phone, but I am good with that. My kids are doing so much and changing so much I need to just get.the.pictures! I am just going to do something similiar to the previous post with the pictures of Mae. Little steps…
Up early to walk tomorrow, the 3 Day is just a few short weeks away!

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