(he really does LOVE her!)

School is back in session! This usually makes me sad each year. I do not like it when summer is winding down, days get shorter, nights get cool, kids back to bed early & up early. This year though…way different story…GOODbYE older two…have a great day!! ok so about 1pm I did start to miss them. I do not miss:

the name calling
the tattle telling
the door slamming
the junk everywhere
the crying
the hitting
the wet floors from the pool feet
the screaming
the capri sun wrappers all over the yard
but I was very happy for them to come home.
This girl is a third grader and I know she will do GrEAT!
This boy is a first grader and is very excited to buy lunch!
Rosa Parks here tried to sneek on the bus on the first day, she got up three stairs before she got kicked off.
but she went down kicking and screaming!
(here is her brother pushing her out of the bus line)
so my days are now dwindled down to 2, two small little people, and only one can talk but she talks enough for all four of them! Jeez…either she just started rambling on or I could never hear her before but GOOD LORD!
I need to write down all the funny things she tells me, todays funny thing was as we were driving listening to the new Muppets album she tells me randomly ‘Mom, Mae likes this song’ that is not to funny here in type, but when she said it to me it just cracked me up!
There has been lots going on :
Had a shower for Betsy
(listing to LO read Go the F to Sleep) GREAT BOOK!!
Try to keep this one busy
(village green with Fisher)
Hopie was here…I love this pic
(Hopie on the iPad, J on the iPhone)
and this one, I still just sit around an hold her

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