1 month

This baby is 1 month…WoW I am amazed how the time is flying by!

She spent her 1 month birthday at the Wild Water Adventure Water Park with her sisters, brother & cousins. She had a great time and so did they!
It kills me she is 1 month already…I know, I know, that is not old by any stretch of the mind, but in my mind she is downright old! She is doing the following in her 30 full days of life:
  • she loves to be held…yes, that is my fault but I dont care!
  • she is not a big fan of the swing
  • her ears are no longer scrunched up
  • she is getting chubby
  • she has shoulders like a linebacker
  • has a sweet hairy back
  • her cord fell off on July 28th
  • she will give a smile every now and then
  • she gets crabby about 6-8pm
  • she gets carried around in weird ways, multi-tasking
  • she likes to have her hair washed
  • she has been to Starbucks more than any other place, she may not always get out but has been there
  • she stays awake a little longer
  • she sleeps 6 hours at night
  • she loves to sleep all swaddled up
  • she prefers to sleep next to me on the couch then in her crib, again my fault, again dont care
  • she is such the perfect piece to our family unit
  • although she has only been here a month, it feels like she has been here all along
  • she can totally pull off the fohawk & look amazing!

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